Quotation Assistance & Floor Plan Analysis


We’re always available for configuration and quotation assistance. Quotes can be requested by phone, fax or email, and will be turned around in 2-business days or less. All quotes will be released at List Price in Canadian dollars.

For complex configurations, and/or guaranteed quotes, a completed Facility Survey is required, which describes the use and structure of the building in which a solution is to be deployed including coverage area, ceiling height and wall construction. Along with the completed Facility Survey, a scaled drawing of the building’s floor plans must also be submitted. 

Floor plans may be received via email, mail or courier, and must be to scale.  These will be verified and dated upon receipt.  Providing the Facility Survey is properly completed and the floor plans are to scale, a Gold Seal (Guaranteed) quotation is returned to the partner within 5-business days stating exact quantities of equipment and location of base stations.

Other Services

  • Order Processing and Fulfillment
  • System Configuration
  • Training
  • Product Demos
  • Price List Publication

Sales Support

Tel-e Technologies has a dedicated sales team to support our Reseller Partners. 

The mandate is to provide a live answer to inquiries, sales support (from system configuration to order processing to pricing) and conduct outbound calling for a variety of campaigns and programs in support of our channel sales objectives.



Market Analytics

A member of our Technical Support team can provide remote technical support to our Reseller Partners.

All support calls will be documented with trouble and resolution codes and then forwarded to the callers.
Standard hours of operation will be Monday through Friday from 08:00hrs – 18:00hrs.  Emergency remote support is also available 24 hours/day, 365 days/year via return call within 2 hours of leaving a voicemail with a description of the problem and contact detail.


Risk Management

Within 12 months of the original ship date by Tel-e Technologies, Reseller Partners who purchase their Polycom wireless from us are entitled to the following:

    • 1- Complimentary RMA services on breakdowns due to manufacturer defect and/or normal wear and tear.
    • 2 - Advance Shipment for Infrastructure.
    • Day return shipment on Handsets/Chargers/Accessories.
    • 4 - Unlimited complimentary support from the Technical Support Desk.
    • 5 - Infrastructure support is available 7 days/week, 24 hours / day.
    • Handset/Charger/Accessories support is available during standard hours of operation.
    • Complimentary software updates to correct any software errors and to ensure optimal system performance.


Return Material Authorization (RMA)

1. All equipment failures must be assigned a Return Material Authorization number by Tel-e Technologies.
2. Replacement of failed equipment will only be shipped with a RMA number assigned.
3. Equipment received by Tel-e Technologies without a RMA number will be returned to the sender at their own expense without being repaired.
Terms Definition
12-months from original ship date by Tel-e Technologies
Refurbished Equipment
RMA Warranty
90-days from Tel-e Technologies shipping date
Refurbished Equipment
Defective equipment upon receipt
Brand New Equipment
***Tel-e Technologies must receive RMA request within 14-days of original ship date
Assured Service
Service Agreement
Refurbished Equipment
Priority Service
Service Agreement
Refurbished Equipment
Greater than 12-months from original ship date, unclear or missing serial numbers
Refurbished Equipment
Equipment with a crack or broken LCD display, internal liquid damage or that has been tampered with by a person unauthorized by Tel-e Technologies
Refurbished Equipment